Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bank of America Online Banking

Do you have problems with online banking at bank of america? This blog will help you get started and you will see step by step that Bank of America Online Banking is very easy to do.

Setting up an Account at Bank of America

It's easy to begin using online banking and checking at Bank of America. You need to have an open account at Bank of America, and it's easy to do so at any branch if you don't have one already. You need your account number, Social Security number, ATM or check card number, and email address to set up your online account and start Bank of America Online Banking. You can establish your own username and password, and can then get access to your account at any time. You can check balances and transactions and pay bills for free. We've been happy to bank with Bank of America for 10 years, and the online account makes a good thing even better.

What can you do with your new account?

Similar to other big banks, Bank of America gives its banking customers many options like online banking. What are some things you can use a Bank of America website for? You can look at monthly statements with online banking, view every line summaries of all your active checking and savings accounts. You can pay bills with Bank of America's online services, saving yourself time, stamps and visits to the post office for each bill. You have the option to choose recurring payments that take place automatically for monthly payments like rent, mortgage and car payments. You can arrange to pay your bills in advance and be assured they get payed the day you want them too. The power and flexibility this bank posses makes it an easy choice when deciding to switch over to online banking. Below we will discuss other fantastic features offered by Bank of America and ways to configure your online banking account.

How do you pay online?

Every time a new ebill must be paid you will get a monthly statement in your email. So you don't have to wait for the postman to arrive and give you your mail. There are a lot of companies offering this service through the Bank of America, so you can use this method with almost all your companies. Every month new electric companies, insurance companies, stores, newspapers are added, which use this system to help their customers save time. In order to minimize your worries about not delivered mail, you should check, what bills you can transfer in to ebills and never worry about them again. For all the other companies, which don't have the ebill option, you can still choose to pay your bills online. It is very easy, you just enter the name, address and account numbers for any company you want to pay regularly and the system does the rest. You can then log into your Account of Bank of America every time you receive one of the bills, select the company the bill came from, enter the amount of money and within seconds the bill is payed. It is a huge time saver and no checks, no stamps, no envelopes are required any more, so you even save money. Try Bank of America Online Banking and you will never want to change back to the old method!

Is Online Banking save?

You should always keep your username and password for yourself, never tell others what those are. Keep in mind, that your bank will never ask you for this information, so when someone is calling you and says he is from your bank and needs your password don't tell him! If this happens to you, you should contact you bank and tell them, that someone tries to collect usernames from others.

Be very careful when accessing your account from other computers then yours. Make sure, that an up to date anti virus software is installed. Do not use the computer, when it has a very old browser installed, which does not support 128-bit encryption, which is used, to make websites secure. Always log off your account when you are done. It is very easy to gain access to your account if you forget this.

Choose a good password! It should contain letters, numbers and at least one special sign in it. This will make it very hard for others to steal your password. Although it is not that easy to remember, keep in mind that it protects your money and this should be worth it to think a little bit more about it. Never use names or birthdays as your password, because they are really easy to guess.

If you get an email with a direct link to your login area, throw it away! This is the most common trick of hackers to get your data. They build a new website that looks exactly like the website of your bank and send you an email with a link to their new website. If you try to log in, they will get your username and password.

Online Banking with the Bank of America will be save if you follow this rules. Its not the technology that makes it possible for hackers to steal password but the carelessness of people that makes it possible.